Song of the day: METRO TRINITY – Michael Furey (1988)

Metro Trinity were a short-lived Manchester-based indie quartet which included singer and songwriter Jon Male, later of Soul Family Sensation and Republica, and teenage guitarist Jez Williams, now with the Doves, in its ranks. The group’s recorded legacy amounts to a split flexidisc with Inspiral Carpets given away with Dave Haslam’s Debris fanzine, and a four track twelve inch issued on their own Cafeteria label. The EP Die Young (although it actually reads “Die Yoing” on the front) was a classy set of songs that owed a fair bit to Steve McQueen era Prefab Sprout. “Michael Furey” was the final track of the four, an epic song inspired by James Joyce’s “The Dead”. It’s the one track where the band let rip with a frenzied guitar coda. Further songs were demoed by the group, including an earlier version of the SFS single “The Day You Went Away”, but they split up later in the year. Die Young didn’t sell many copies at the time and is difficult to track down these days, and the price it fetches reflect this. 


One response to “Song of the day: METRO TRINITY – Michael Furey (1988)

  1. just found this EP in mp3 – thanks for the post, I couldn’t work out where I knew their name from, it was the Debris flexi! I had no idea anything became of any of them later! If I recall correctly that issue of Debris had a purple cover with 1966 Dylan on it, possibly copied from Record Collector!

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