Song of the day: BLEEP & BOOSTER – Genki (1994)

The World Of Bleep and Booster is one of the great lost electronic albums. It was issued by London Records in 1994, but I’m not sure that stock copies were ever produced. I’ve never seen one. My copy is a promo in a gatefold card sleeve that I picked up for a quid a decade back on the off-chance that it might be interesting. I knew nothing about the group, but found out later that it was ex-ABC man Steve Singleton with a chap called Dave Lewin. The album is a strong collection of electro-pop and quasi-ambient mood pieces. There isn’t a weak moment, but the highlight, and only track that is really quite well known, is “Genki”. It was released as a single prior to the album’s (non) appearance and was included on the David Toop compiled Ocean Of Sound electronica compilation in 1997. 

“Genki” is a weird track. It’s a sprightly electro piece with echoes of Kraftwerk but has a strange sampled vocal that sounds a bit like one of the Mogwai from Gremlins or some such odd creature. Speeded up alien sounding voices were common in the early days of acid house, but this vocal is truly alien. Slightly Pinky and Perky-esque (ask your mum), it treads a fine line between irritating and affecting. In the end it comes down as the latter, otherwise it wouldn’t be here. A real eccentric classic.


9 responses to “Song of the day: BLEEP & BOOSTER – Genki (1994)

  1. Have to agree. One of my all time favourite albums. I remember buying this on a whim. The cover with the 4 radiator looking things on it took my fancy for some reason. There is something Kraftwerk-like with some of the tracks.

  2. I’ve never actually seen the cover – my copy came in a plain brown cardboard sleeve. Still, at least you’ve proved that the album was actually commercially issued. Time for a Bleep & Booster revival! You read it here first.

  3. Couldn’t agree more – I’ve just been loading my CD’s onto ipod and forgot what a classic little album this is. I bought my copy (with cover) in a budget bin cause of the David Toop liner notes! and there’s nothing about it on the web at all should be wider known!

  4. As with Shaun, I bought this mainly due to the curiosity factor with the cover, that and I was in an ‘Ambient’ phase at that time and it was in that section of my now sadly defunct local record shop.

    Personally I’m not that keen on the opening track but the rest is great stuff and as you say, Genki is the standout.

    I’ve uploaded a small image of the cover to my webspace at:

    It would appear that Amazon marketplace sellers still have copies available although at inflated prices!

  5. ohman, i have been searching for the name of this track for 15 years. My older sister was big into the early house scene and she would rent compilations that would inadvertently end up on my little walkman. I have always loved this track and found it on myspace, w00t!Thanks!

  6. This also appeared on a compilation CD issued in 1991 called Give Peace a Dance, Volume 2: the ambient collection. I’ve loved this track ever since I heard it back then.

  7. Just dug a big box of CDs out of the attic and this was the 2nd CD I’ve played (after BCB ‘television saved my life’). Staggering. I picked it up along with the 8-track maxi single ‘Beep+Boster’ [ ‘TOVE 1’] and ‘Technotropolis’ EP [‘TOVE 3’]) at an electro all-dayer at, I think, the Octagon Sheffield in 94 or 95. They were not on the billing, supposedly blagged their way in and were the stand out set of the day.

    • Wish I had been there at the Octagon back in the day that must have been great

      I bought ‘Give Peace a Dance vol 2’ in about 95 and have always loved ‘Genki’ it is so full of emotion.

      Thanks to the web (better late than never) I have now discovered that Bleep and Booster did an lp and I will be checking it all out soon. From what I have heard on you tube there are some other great tracks. Back in 1995 it was harder to find specialist music and unfortunately ‘the world of bleep and booster’ escaped me.

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