Album: 65DAYSOFSTATIC – The Destruction Of Small Ideas (Monotreme 28 2007)


I have to admit to being a new kid on the block when it comes to 65daysofstatic – barely two weeks ago I’d hardly heard of them, let alone heard them. It can help to approach an album in total ignorance as I did this one, because there are no preconceptions to conform to or to dash. I’d heard the term “rocktronica” bandied about which is a word that should be quashed, even if the concept is an interesting one.

The first listen to the record didn’t yield very much. The impression was of quite clever math-rock time signature switching, allied to some background electronic gurglings and glitch beats. It wasn’t an unpleasant hour, but left absolutely no impression once it was over. Perseverance is worth it. The Destruction Of Small Ideas isn’t particularly strong on melody, at least not in the traditional sense of running linearly through a song. But there are some lovely passages and what initially seems merely a jumble of ideas does gain more coherence with repeated listens.

All but the final track are instrumentals. The marriage of rock and electronica is heavily weighted towards the former, with the computer constructed beats largely adding extra colour rather than underpinning the music. The pace is more hurried than most of the groups who are casually tossed into the post-rock pigeonhole. I’ve seen comparisons drawn with Mogwai, Explosions In The Sky and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Of those, Explosions would be nearer the mark than the others, but Do Make Say Think and the first couple of Silver Mount Zion records might be a more useful parallel. The production is a little disappointing. The full dynamism of the music doesn’t always come across. The loud bits sometimes seem not much louder than the quiet bits. The drums, which are seldom content to pin a background beat, lack a little sharpness at times. This isn’t a major quibble, as you get used to the sound being as it is. The Destruction Of Small Ideas is an intelligent and exciting rock album put together by a band with a palpable spirit of inquisitiveness. It’s definitely a keeper, but I sense that the band really come alive in the live arena – a theory I’m eager to test.


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