Song of the day: BALLBOY – A Day In Space (2001)

Some people dismiss Ballboy as an archetypal indie band. Even worse, they get lumped in with Belle and Sebastian. This is plain wrong. The Edinburgh four piece, led by singer Gordon McIntyre, are among the most literate, moving, knowing and humorous bands around. They have tunes in spades, but their real strength is in the lyrics of McIntyre – both weary and disappointed, but at the same time passionate, enthusiastic and funny. Brave too – “The Sash My Father Wore” and “I Hate Scotland” are savage indictments of some of the more shameful facets of the nation.

“A Day In Space”, from Ballboy’s Club Classics 2001 album, is a wondrous and incredulous song. Over a Wedding Present-like mid-tempo two chord thrash, the spoken lyrics proclaim how fantastic a trip to space would be, and decry those who lack the imagination to dream of such a thing. The full lyrics are here: I was going to quote passages, but the whole thing is worth reading. Unlike 99% of song words, they stand up without the music (although they are enhanced by it). When I first heard this track it immediately struck a chord, because it has always been a dream of mine to see the earth from up there. As McIntyre observes: You can see all the rest of the blue and green globe twisting and turning below you / You can see the sun lighting up the moon / You can feel the stars shining down upon your back / You dont get that in Egypt /
And you don’t get that at the pyramids / And you don’t get that by pissing away your million pounds on something / That everyone else can do if they save up long enough.


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