Joy Division reissues

In two weeks time, new expanded issues of Unknown Pleasures, Closer and Still are released, each with a bonus disc. As a long time Joy Division fan, why am I not slavering at the mouth? Simply put, it’s just another record company cash in. Unknown Pleasures and Closer are both masterpieces. If you don’t own them, I suggest strongly that you rectify that oversight asap. But both are available mid price. Still was always a mish mash. The studio disc contains some superb material, but the live half is, shall we say, a little lacking. Nothing wrong with the performances, but “Ceremony” has inaudible vocals, and the synths are all over the place, reaching technical meltdown on a truly horrible rendition of “Decades”.

What about the bonus discs? The three shows at the Factory, High Wycombe and the University of London Union have been bootlegged to death. The best tracks of the three are all included on the definitive Heart And Soul box which also includes all of the studio cuts from across the three albums, all of the singles, compilation tracks and some superb demo material. It’s also available for at least a tenner less than the three reissues would put you back.

If you’re determined to chuck money around like confetti, then I recommend the limited edition vinyl box set also released on September 17th. A Snip at £160.


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