Led Zeppelin – tickets £125 a pop

I saw this comment on Drowned In Sound which made me laugh:

the song: remains the same
the price: subject to inflation

I know it’s a big deal and all, but it seems a symptom of the stinking corpse that rock has become that everybody goes apeshit over all these stars of a bygone era being wheeled out (almost literally in some cases) for one last time. Don’t get me wrong, Led Zeppelin were great. I went on a school trip to see The Song Remains The Same movie in Leicester Square when it came out, and would have loved to have seen them in their heyday. But now?

It’s not a question of the age of the performers. It’s just the over-riding stench of nostalgia. I went to see Van Der Graaf Generator two years ago, a band who are probably as aged as Led Zeppelin, and they were awesome. Sure, they reeled out the ‘hits’, but they also had some quality new material. “Every Bloody Emperor” went down as well as old nuggets like “Man Erg” and “Refugees”. What made the night so special was that you could tell that this meant something to them on an artistic level. It wasn’t just a cabaret turn.

I guess people will enjoy their November night out at the scuzzy old millennium dome. To me it’s just the baby-boomer generation in its death throes, desperately trying to hold on to a youth long passed.


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