The Making Of Music Series 2

We’re currently into the second week of six of James Naughtie’s The Making of Music, series two. As before, there is a fifteen minute documentary each weekday on Radio 4 at 15.45 followed by an hour long show on Radio 3 playing full versions of some of the pieces mentioned. I raved about the first series, but then about halfway in stopped listening. It wasn’t that I got bored with the programmes, it’s just that Baroque, Classical and the early Romantics don’t float my boat. Monday of this week, though, kicked off with Debussy – my favourite 19th century composer (in reality the first 20th century composer). On Friday things really get interesting with Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring. Radio 3’s schedules are dominated by the usual canon of classic composers (usually 18th and 19th century), so it’s particularly pleasing that, with a third of the programmes still to come, we are already firmly into the last century. This bodes well. I think I’ll be listening to the whole of the rest of the series with real interest.


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