Album: THE FUN YEARS – Life-Sized Psychoses (Barge Recordings BRG002 2007)


For me, the stand-out cut on Wire Tapper 18 (reviewed below) is “Electricty Is A Scarce Commodity” by The Fun Years, so imagine my glee to find their recent album in the clearance bin in Monorail for just a couple of quid. The Wire track is not present, but what you do get on Life-Sized Psychoses is a fistful of pieces for turntable and baritone guitar, played by New Yorkers’ Ben Recht and Isaac Sparks. The tracks are built on drones and repetition, with static hum and vinyl surface noise an intrinsic part. With a few brief exceptions, the turntablism is more concerned with using the noise of the vinyl, rather than sampling the music in the grooves, and the guitar picks its way through simple motifs. There is an element of the early glitch-dub records by Pole, but with less of the emphasis on rhythm. The five tracks are fairly lengthy, and subtle melodic changes ensure that that they remain interesting. The album doesn’t really break much new ground, but it’s a competent and enjoyable listen.


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