Album: REDHOOKER – The Future According To Yesterday (Soft Landing SLR001 2007)


Redhooker is the project of New Yorker Stephen Griesgraber, sometime member of Slow Six. The name comes from a Brooklyn neighbourhood called Red Hook. The Future According To Yesterday is a 25 minute four track mini album played by a chamber quartet of Griesgraber on guitar, fellow Slow Sixers Maxim Moston and Rob Collins on violin and Rhodes electric piano respectively, and Peter Hess on clarinet. The music is avant-rock/classical fusion in the Rachel’s tradition, but with its own distinct character. The record kicks off with “Sometimes She Speaks Gently” – a sweet, sad pastoral piece, but the tempo is raised significantly for “Animus”, a busy, almost baroque, tune with some deft interplay between the violin, guitar, piano and clarinet.

The second half of the album runs together as a kind of two part suite. “Sunday Silence” kicks off with a droning guitar before blossoming into a romantic, yearning piece that sounds like a Max Richter score for a particularly weepy movie. The drone returns at the end of the track and provides the bridge to “Twelve Times Goodbye”, probably the best of the four tracks. It has a kind of circularity to it, with its waltz time and several key changes allowing the mood to evolve subtly before the music fades into the same minimalist drone that introduced it.

This is an excellent little record. Its relative brevity helps the four tracks to breathe and to stand out individually more than they might on a 60 or 70 minute album. It feels concise and filler-free and I highly recommend it. I’m not sure how easy it is to get hold of – best check out the group’s MySpace page (link below).

1 Sometimes She Speaks Gently 4:17
2 Animus 4:39
3 Sunday Silence 6:46
4 Twelve Times Goodbye 9:49



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