Gig: Sunburned Hand Of The Man / Tattie Toes / Ben Reynolds (Nice ‘n’ Sleazy, Glasgow, 10/11/07)

I like Sleazy’s, but when it’s packed it’s a rubbish venue to see anything at. As it turned out tonight, though, it didn’t really matter anyway. Ben Reynolds opened with a set of loosely played and sung blues and spirituals. It was pretty good, although the fact that the guitar was cloaked in reverb the entire time got a little wearing.

Tattie Toes were on next. I’d seen them previously with Nalle at Mono, and they annoyed the hell out of me that night. I think I get them better now, but I still found them incredibly frustrating. They have some great material, and there were some superb passages of Balkan/Middle Eastern raga-rock. But then they have to do wacky. I don’t do wacky, and neither should they – it’s just tiresome and boring. They’ve got talent and ideas and a singer with a good voice (when she’s not making silly noises), so it really shouldn’t be necessary.

I’d seen the Sunburned Hand of the Man before, and vaguely recalled liking them without remembering anything specific about them. I must have had an off day. They are basically the Edgar Broughton Band meets Hawkwind without the subtlety of either. Tiresome freak rock for stoners intoned in silly voices without wit or imagination. Tellingly, half the audience decided they had better places to be long before the end.


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