The Wire 286, December 2007


A particularly good issue this month with a superb Burial interview and things on Harry Partch, Michael Gira, Roxy Music and Pram (who are on the cover). Burial comes across as an intelligent, if slightly otherworldly bloke. He seems to value his anonymity out of a simple need for privacy and a normal non-celeb life, rather than any desire to be mysterious or precious. No doubt the fuckwits at NME are already hatching an “identify Burial and win a Kaiser Chiefs T-shirt” competition or some such shite.


One response to “The Wire 286, December 2007

  1. Spoke to someone the other day who said that Burial was round his brother’s house remixing some of his brother’s music. Then again, everyone probably knows someone who knows someone who zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz….

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