Resonant RIP?

Sad news this morning from the two Andys at Resonant:

Hello all…

We have some news. The two of us have been considering something for a little while, prompted by recent events, and have reached the decision (after much soul-searching) to call it a day – for the time being, at least.

In short, we’re happy to break even and release great records, but when Resonant makes very little actual profit and we’re not enjoying it there seems little point in continuing. We’re very proud of our back catalogue and feel we achieved whatever it was we set out to achieve eight years ago, but, as I say, if it’s no longer rewarding on any level it’s a no-brainer.

I guess that in a year or so we’ll reconvene and see how we feel, but as it stands we need a break – which may or may not turn out to be permanent.

The port-royal remix album and the Our Sleepless Forest album will still be released as planned in early 2008 (Feb/March) and there’s a chance we’ll do a label sampler, but that will almost certainly be it for a while.

Reactions welcomed.

Thanks to everyone who’s ever helped us along the way in any manner. It’s been massively appreciated!

I hope they do reconsider because Resonant has delivered music of a consistently high quality over the last few years. I guess they just needed that one act to break through.

Whatever they decide to do in the future, I’d like to thank them for the effort they’ve put in getting some great music out there, and wish them well.


One response to “Resonant RIP?

  1. Yes it is a sad loss — I doubt I have ever heard a bad release from Resonant. They are responsible for one of my all-time favourite album in Port-Royal’s ‘Flares’, while they have released many great albums from Carta, Yellow6, This Is Your Captain Speaking, Olvis, Prince Valium and many others.

    I feel sorry for Our Sleepless Forest too, they had a deal with Type Records until it was mysteriously ripped up and now this. Their debut record coming out on a label that no longer has the will to promote it

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