Peel Sessions

I’m back and full of the cold after a week away. We’re firmly stuck in the post-Christmas lull waiting for 2008 to kick off in earnest so I’ve not much to blether about. The pop season on BBC4 is proving to be quite enjoyable, and a little more cerebral than most broadcasting of this nature.

I did notice (although this may not be a new phenomenon) that the BBC has a complete archive of the Peel Sessions on line. This includes some snippets of sound, but is mainly of use as a research database. It did make me wonder how much of this music actually still exists in their tape libraries – there’s a lot of good stuff that has never seen a commercial release. For example, those old curmudgeons Pink Floyd are happy to endlessly recycle and repackage their albums, but they’ve always refused to allow their BBC sessions to be issued, so tracks like “Vegetable Man” and “Scream Thy Last Scream” remain the exclusive property of bootleggers.

Anyway, the URL is


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