Album: OREN AMBARCHI – In The Pendulum’s Embrace (Touch 78 2007)


Sydney born guitarist Oren Ambarchi has recently toured with Sunn O))), as well as releasing an album with Greg Anderson of the band and Hungarian metal singer Attila Csihar under the moniker Burial Chamber Trio. In The Pendulum’s Embrace is a long way from ear-splitting drone metal, but it does share certain characteristics. The pace is glacial, and the frequencies are way down in the bottom of the bass bin.

Opening track “Fever, A Warm Poison” is basically little more than a series of ultra-bass pluckings, played at a tempo that make Earth sound like Minor Threat in comparison. The sound has a vibrant, crystalline quality, but after eighteen minutes of it the fidgets were definitely setting in. “Inamorata” is warmer and busier, with Veren Grigorov’s strings giving the piece a dash of colour that the first track lacks. The final tune of three seems to noodle along a bit before just stopping without any kind of resolution.

As with the BJ Nilsen CD, I’ve heard plenty of good things said about this album, but aside from the excellent middle track, there just seems too little going on to hold the interest. I don’t think I can be accused of having a short attention span – I’m quite happy to sit through a 45 minute William Basinski tape loop – but there isn’t really very much here to grab on to.

1 Fever, A Warm Poison (17:54)
2 Inamorata (10:19)
3 Trailing Moss In Mystic Glow (12:36)



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