I bought the latest issue of Terrorizer magazine today for the first time ever, lured in by the “Lost Classics and Follies” article, the Earth interview, and a seriously good cover picture. I have to confess, metal is a completely unknown territory to me. Some things on the margins stoke my interest – Earth, Melvins, Tool and hardcore. But I couldn’t begin to explain the difference between black, death and doom metal. The silly obsession with Satanism is just puerile, and for me is just the other side of the coin of Christian rock – it’s all deism of some kind, after all.

Anyway, I like the magazine. It’s well written – knowledgeable, but accessible to an ignoramus like me. I gave the accompanying free CD a spin. Much of it was as I expected: drums that sound like those little plastic things kids used to have on their bicycle wheels that go tik-tik-tik-tik as you cycle along, grinding guitars, and belched vocals. Some of it shocked me in that it was so lame and old school. Widow and Biomechanical sound like Def Leppard and Judas Priest, and I don’t have a sufficiently evolved sense of irony to deal with that. And then there are a few terrible prog bands coming over all Marillion on us, and the world can do without that. Still, there is some mighty stuff. I particularly liked Sylosis and Before the Rain, but the group that stood out for me were Alestorm from just up the road in Perth. I laughed out loud listening to their contribution “Captain Morgan’s Revenge”.

Pirate metal. That’s a genre I can relate to. Alestorm come over like the Pogues crossed with Metallica partying on the set of Pirates Of The Caribbean. It’s insane, but absolutely brilliant. I can honestly say I’ve never heard anything quite like it. Yes I laughed, but not at them. It is such gleeful and gloriously fun music, that’s it’s impossible not to smile. But it also rocks like a bastard. There’s an album, also called Captain Morgan’s Revenge. I hope it’s all as good as the title track.

Thoughtfully, the song can also be heard on the group’s Myspace page.


3 responses to “Alestorm

  1. Had this exact discussion about this exact band after reading this exact magazine in the pub before doing a radio show on Monday night (my favourite song title: Nancy the Tavern Wench). We decided we should ask them in to do a session, I’d love to see how seriously they take this. Pirate metal deserves a much higher profile!

    And Perth has never struck me as being a particularly piratey place. Dundee yes, but Perth no way.

  2. Perth is a little lacking in the coastline department, not to mention rammed full of tweedy old ladies. Or at least it was last time I went – perhaps it’s been overrun by long-haired reprobates in greatcoats with eye-patches and wooden legs since then.

  3. veyr weird, I started buying this a few months back. Im sick of NME, I’ve outgrown Kerrang! and Wire requires a great deal of energy to read (I like colour!).

    Ive been reading both Terrorizer and Rock Sound and am really enjoying their untainted views on music. Don’t care much for the interviews in RS though (Machine Head, 30 Seconds From Mars etc), but their review and exposure sections can highlight some great band

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