Song of the day: DEEP DISH / EVERYTHING BUT THE GIRL – The Future Of The Future (Stay Gold) (1998)

It’s astonishing that this track is ten years old. I heard it tonight for the first time in absolutely ages, and it still had the magic. I was never a major fan of Deep Dish, but I got this song totally the first time I heard it. Tracey Thorn was a contemporary of mine at Hull University, but I never had much time for the folky, adult pop she did with Ben Watt. It was only when the pair moved into more dance-oriented areas that they really clicked with me. She has the perfect voice for that late night, rainswept, inner city melancholy (see also “Protection”, “Missing” and “Walking Wounded”).

“The Future Of the Future”, from Deep Dish’s Junk Science LP is nearly ten minutes of that juxtaposition of hard club beats and wistful vocals. It’s perfectly evocative of that strange kind of melancholy unique to dance culture. The hour is late, the booze has kicked in (or the ecstacy, chemical or natural, has worn off), and the relentless four-four beats bash through your head when you just want to go home and sleep. Your senses aren’t working properly, and then you hear Tracey’s dulcet tones and they just capture the moment perfectly. It’s the elusive post-club feeling that Burial completely got on the Untrue album. Sad but content, tired but elated, emotional but numb.


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