We are one!

Crumbs. Almost missed it. Music Musings and Miscellany is one!

The blog didn’t start from any great impulse to impart my opinions to the world, but had a more mundane beginning as an exercise on a writing course I was doing at Glasgow Uni. The idea didn’t really interest me in the slightest, at first, until it was pointed out that a blog didn’t have to be about me, but could be about something I know.

Lightbulb moment.

I used to do a fanzine, so I thought why not do a kind of extension of that. How cool would that be? It’s a testament to my naivety, and my total disinterest in net surfing outside of my few tried and trusted sites, that I had no idea just how many people were doing something similar. If I had known, I probably wouldn’t have bothered. Anyway, it didn’t take long for me to catch the blogging bug. It took a week for me to register my first hit – and that was after six days of nagging a friend to have a look!

A year on, and I could hardly imagine life without it. That doesn’t mean I’m a sad sack who sits there all day pressing F5 on my stats screen, but just that it’s good to have an outlet to scrawl my opinions on stuff, and also to spread the word about music I feel could do with a little more exposure.

The most popular (or at least most visited) posts over year one were:

1. Björk’s Volta album (by a country mile)
2. The Tuss – Rushup Edge
3. Angels Of Light – We Are Him (but a lot of these seem to have been people searching for angels of a different kind. Weirdoes)
4. The Complete Motown Singles Volume 8
5. The Guardian’s 1000 albums to hear before you die – an astonishing level of interest that lasted two weeks and then vanished as quick as it came.
6. Burial interview – this was merely a link to an article in Fact magazine!
7. O Thou Transcendent – Tony Palmer’s film masterpiece on Ralph Vaughan Williams.
8. Of all the “song of the day” features I’ve done, the Detroit Spinner’s “I’ll Be Around” was the most popular by a factor of more than two to one.
9. Burial – Untrue review
10. Richard & Linda Thompson – November ’75 live album review

Anyway, thanks to everyone who’s dropped by over the past year. Let year two commence.


One response to “We are one!

  1. Congratulations on this, its great how these things snowball. Really enjoy your writng especially since a lot of it is close to home (I’m based in Glasgow’ South Side btw).

    I’ve started collecting all of my reviews together since they are all over the web and in print mag’s. You can read them here (link exchange perhaps??)


    also, ive started a netlabel that I hope you might be interested in. We’re not ready yet, but we have a website


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