Album: CARTA – The Glass Bottom Boat (Resonant RESCD026 2007)


The line between elegaic beauty and bland muzak is finer than you would think, and Carta straddle it uncomfortably at times on The Glass Bottom Boat. There are too many gentle guitar arpeggios and too many passages of aimless noodling. There are also too many moments when the record’s predictability threatens to bring about a virulent outbreak of tedium.

Ultimately, the album is saved by the twelve minute title track. The fact that it is the only tune with vocals is probably no coincidence. They help to give it shape which so many of the other pieces lack. But it is quite different in other respects too, owing more to the likes of Espers and even A Silver Mt. Zion than the usual post-rock bands.

1 Kavan (7:12)
2 South Circular (4:30)
3 Larva (4:23)
4 Burning Bridges (6:33)
5 Simultane (5:58)
6 If Not For You Then Not For Me (4:02)
7 Oliva (3:12)
8 The Glass Bottom Boat (11:44)
9 Legomenon (4:19)
10 Perdido (4:50)



6 responses to “Album: CARTA – The Glass Bottom Boat (Resonant RESCD026 2007)

  1. I disagree, I thought the impeccable instrumentation is what made this album. It reminded me of one of my favourite bands — Charles Atlas, It came as no surprise that Carta feature two CA members. But the title track is the best piece on offer here.

    Ive heard some of the new stuff, sounds more aggresive, plenty more focus on vocals and will also feature Dee from Thee More Shallows.

  2. We agree on the merits of the title track. I guess elsewhere, we’re hearing different things! Apart from its being on Resonance, I came to the album with no preconceptions, nor any prior knowledge of the band. I just found it disappointing and aimless for the most part.

    I’ve heard of, but never heard Charles Atlas. Thee More Shallows is a completely new name to me. Did you just make it up to test me?

  3. no more mediocre than most of the bands still trading under the postrock banner.

    interesting point about the vocals. i’m finding a silver mt zion (or whatever they call themselves these days) a more interesting prospect than gy!be.

    and thee more shallows are on anticon. book of bad breaks was one of my favourites from last year. well worth a listen.

  4. I don’t think Carta have ever called themselves a post-rock band as such, and with barely an ounce of distortion I’m struggling to make a connection, asides from the fact that they play predominantly instrumental music.

    Thee More Shallows arent a test!, an amazing band and usually quite generous with the mp3’s on their website — check out their wonderful cover of ‘I Can’t Get Next To You’.

    I’m not sure you’ll be too into Charles Atlas, if you weren’t all that keen on Carta. But give them a try.

  5. Nothing like dropping a Temptations cover to get me interested!

    Liked it – radically differrent to the original (as covers should be – pointless doing a facsimile)

    Here’s what it really should sound like though :)

  6. i thought yo might like that one, theres a really great atmosphere on the studio version

    there are some ‘freaky’ moves going on in that orignal!!

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