Album: ALOG – Amateur (Rune Grammofon RCD2063 2007)


This is something that’s been awaiting a review for ages. It’s just on each play, it left a completely blank impression. Not good, not bad just blank.

Norwegian duo Alog are a kind of garden shed hobbyist version of Supersilent. Improvisation is coupled with modified or home-made instruments. On their previous Rune Grammofon album Miniatures, this led to a mixture of onanistic self-indulgence and pure brilliance. The scales were balanced favourably, though. On Amateur I’m not so sure that’s the case. There are plenty of great passages, but “Sleeping Instruments” and part of “The Future Of Norwegian Wood” are virtually silent. This may all be very high concept, but it doesn’t provide much of a fulfilling listening experience.

“Son Of King” is dominated by a repetitive vocal loop that manages to transcend being annoying and become hypnotic. “Bedlam Emblem” is a ten minute festival of clattering noise, and a highlight. Elsewhere things are just a bit, you know, pffff.

1 Son Of King (6:30)
2 A Throne For The Common Man (6:20)
3 Write Your Thoughts In Water (3:35)
4 Sleeping Instruments (3:18)
5 The Beginner (6:31)
6 The Learning Curve (5:46)
7 Turn Back, Undo (1:53)
8 A Book Of Lightning (2:51)
9 The Future Of Norwegian Wood (6:32)
10 Exit Virtuoso (3:05)
11 Bedlam Emblem (10:26)
12 The Northeast Passage (2:47)



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