Song of the day: DOM & ROLAND – City (1998)

I’m having a bit of a drum & bass day today – spinning some things I haven’t listened to in aeons. Dom & Roland’s Industry (Moving Shadow ASHADOW16) is a seriously underrated record. For the uninitiated Dom is producer Dominic Angus and Roland is his Roland S760 sampler (which joins the Bunnymen’s drum machine Echo in a select band of machines that are given a starring role). Industry‘s twelve tracks are all squarely aimed at clubbers – there are no experimental tracks, ambient tracks or dubby tracks of the sort which often crop up on drum and bass albums to break up the flow. It’s pretty punishing stuff, but there is enough variety to make it enjoyable home listening.

The best known cuts are the singles “Chained on Two Sides” and “Timeframe” (a co-production with Optical), but for me “City” is the stand-out. It has a chilling, noir-ish synth intro and plays like a dark, but frantic piece of film music – full of atmosphere and menace. There’s also a blink-and-you’d-miss-it sample from Apocalypse Now – one word, in fact, from Colonel Kurtz’s rambling monologue at the end of the film.


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