EP: FRACTION – Superposition (Infiné IF2011 2008)

Superposition is the début EP by French producer Eric Raynaud, aka Fraction. It’s the eleventh release on French label Infiné, an imprint that was set up in late 2006, and which has so far seen releases by acts as disparate as pianist Francesco Tristano and electronica producer Sascha Ring, recording as Apparat.

The five cuts that make up Superposition are a pretty varied bunch. The title track is a glitchy tech-house stomper, while “Inside the Neighbour’s Cat’s Head” (brilliant title) is more abstract, stuttering along on the brink of collapse with a fittingly malevolent playfulness. Side two opens with “Requiem for the Unique Illusion” which starts out as a mid-paced melodic IDM piece, before the drums fracture into jazz rolls and the melody is gradually fucked up by splicings and glitches until it falls apart completely. “Wild, Blue and Dense” has almost the exact opposite construction. Seemingly random clicks and blips begin to coalesce around a vibraphone loop and a lonesome, filtered sax to create a late night jazz feel. Closing track “Supermarket of Souls” is the weakest of the five. It meanders along through a minefield of bleeps and glitches, but doesn’t really go anywhere and peters out almost apologetically.

On the whole, though, this is a fairly strong first release. There are a lot of good ideas which, for the most part, are skilfully executed. Superposition will be released as a vinyl 12” in June. More details can be found on the label’s website.

A1 Superposition 5:50
A2 Inside the Neighbour’s Cat’s Head 5:00
B1 Requiem for the Unique illusion 4:01
B2 Wild, Blue and Dense 3:59
B3 Supermarket of Souls 5:09




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