Humphrey Lyttleton 1921-2008

I was absolutely gutted to hear earlier that Humphrey Lyttleton died today, aged 86. He was not just an English jazz legend, but a phenomenal broadcaster. I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue, the desperately silly panel game that he hosted for 37 years, was still the funniest thing on radio. And Humph, in his role as the grumpy chairman (and ostensibly the straight man), inevitably got the biggest laughs every week. He was also one of the good guys – born into privelege, but a lifelong socialist. He was still active with his band, still did his jazz show on Radio 2 (until last month), and still did Clue. He just seemed like he could go on forever. RIP Humph.

Guardian obit by the late George Melly


One response to “Humphrey Lyttleton 1921-2008

  1. So glad to hear that the show will be returning for a new series, though it just won’t be the same without Chairman Humph.

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