Beggars Banquet to close Beggars Banquet

Who knows the workings of the corporate mind. The Beggars group has decided to close its titular label along with Too Pure and shift all the bands on to 4AD. At the end of the day it makes bugger all difference (although it might piss off the 4AD completists), but it does seem a bizarre move. Beggars has existed as a label for 30 years. 4AD was actually created as a nursery label to test out new talent for the parent company. Bauhaus were the only band who made the switch before it became a fully fledged and semi-autonomous imprint.

I guess Beggars never really had the kudos that 4AD had through its collaborations with Vaughn Oliver and its roster of such seminal acts as Dead Can Dance, the Cocteau Twins, the Pixies and Throwing Muses. Too Pure’s greatest days were right at its inception with its shortlived collaboration with Polly Harvey. XL and Rough Trade are to remain as standalone imprints, although the latter is almost an insult to the memory of the groundbreaking label of the late seventies / early eighties. XL has Radiohead – a promising act, so I’m led to believe.


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