Song of the day: HIGH DEPENDENCY UNIT – Tunguska (2008)

I was playing HDU’s Fire Works LP tonight for the first time in bloomin’ ages, and got to thinking – what the hell happened to them? A few clicks on this internet thingamy revealed that the band finally released a follow-up called Metamathics just this April.

For the uninitiated, High Dependency Unit are a post-rock/noise-rock/avant-rock trio from the South Island (Christchurch or Dunedin – I forget which). They played ATP back in 2002 when Shellac curated, and were absolutely awesome. Which is how I came to have a copy of Fire Works in the first place.

The new album is on the Shoot The Freak label (they used to be on Flying Nun) and can be got from Smoke CDs mail order from New Zealand. I don’t think anyone in the UK has it, dunno about the rest of Europe or America. Anyway, below is the video for “Tunguska”, one of six tracks on the record.

Tracks from the LP can be streamed at It sounds good to me.



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