Album: – Alien Genome Project (No Label 2008)

I’m old enough to remember Erich Von Daniken and his potty theories about how earth’s civilizations were brought about through alien contact. There was quite a hoo-ha about it all when I was a kid, and his books flew off the shelves. I’ve just glanced at Wikipedia and was surprised to learn that he’s still with us, and only the same age as Leonard Cohen! Bizarre. Panspermia is the hypothesis that the seeds of life exist all over the universe, and that life on earth is nothing unique, nor even originally from here. Nice theory, but it hasn’t a whiff of evidence to support it (nor to discount it – it’s one of those hypotheses which are simply acts of faith). Exogenesis is something else entirely – the theory that life originated elsewhere and came to earth during the asteroid bombardment of the Pre-Cambrian era, before the planet had an adequate atmospheric shield. Anyway I digress. The reason I brought the topic up at all was that the panspermia theory is the inspiration behind Alien Genome Project, a self-released album by Craig Murphy (whose band Shoosh are featured on the Phantom Channel compilation) under the moniker

The album consists of drones, cosmic synth chords, and disembodied, distorted vocal samples. It has echoes of Kosmische Musik acts like (early) Tangerine Dream and Klaus Schultze as well as their spiritual descendants such as Pete Namlook. But there are equally nods to Stars of the Lid, Eno’s Apollo and Murcof’s Cosmos projects. The eight tracks unfold slowly. Some are short and fragile; others, like the title track, have a suitably cosmic grandeur. “Hybrid”, the closing section, has a slowed down echoing voice that has the rhythm of whale song, and sounds like the last, fading sounds of a dying civilization. It’s quite a spooky end to a seriously trippy suite of music. Only it isn’t quite the end. There is also a bonus 36 minute mix of the album entitled “Alien Genome Project (Full Blown)”. The album is available from Musiczeit at the address below.

Part One:
1 Source Of Light 1:33
2 Junk Code 7:20
3 Transference 5:19
Part Two:
4 Replicate 1:36
5 Mystic Structure 6:33
Part Three:
6 Source of Light (Reprise) 1:52
7 Alien Genome Project 10:18
8 Hybrid 6:29
Bonus Track:
9 Alien Genome Project (Full Blown) 36:07



3 responses to “Album: – Alien Genome Project (No Label 2008)

  1. it’s no longer pseudo-science i’m afraid and hasn’t been for some time. Highly respected astro-physicist Francis Crick, put forward the very same theories about life on earth being seeded from space. Recent revelations coming out of the completion of the human genome project have left mainstream scientists baffled as to the origins of humanity. There are no evolutionary pre-cursors for modern man before 200,000 years ago and we actually have two less chromosomes than chimpanzees. That flies in the face of Darwinian evolution. Basically, humanity has not existed long enough to develop the complex minds we have through evolutionary processes. Many mainstream geneticists are no convinced that humanity did not evolve on earth and that 97% of our non -coding (junk DNA) was of alien origin.

  2. Francis Crick and Leslie Orgel did indeed put out theories of this kind in the early seventies, only to retract them in a 1993 paper when genetics were better understood. Funny you never mentioned that bit.

    As for mainstream scientists being baffled, that is total piffle. And your understanding of evolution is seriously flawed if you believe that we’re supposed to be descended from chimpanzees. We’re not. Both species come from a common ancestor, and it’s genetic mutations from this common source that account for our differences. The number of chromosones is a red herring.

    I doubt you could name ANY, let alone MANY mainstream (ie peer-reviewed) geneticists who seriously think that we are 97% space alien.

    There’s a possibility that there is a cosmic element to life, but we’re talking about billions of years ago at the dawn of the earth, not 200,000 years ago when there is already a solid archaeological record of fairly advanced tool manufacture.

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