Constellation Records have rejigged their website a bit, and have now made available download samples for a few of their forthcoming releases.

What is it with Constellation and singers? Virtually every one they have are majorly idiosyncratic in their style. Some I like a lot – Carla Bozulich’s possessed rawness, Vic Chesnutt’s slightly hicky drawl, Efrim Menuck’s cracked tenor-cum-falsetto and Stuart Staples’ grumpy mumble. But some are really hard work. The singer of new signings the Dead Science sounds like Antony Hegarty sitting on a vibrator! And in the past there’s been the likes of Frankie Sparo who couldn’t hit a note if you gave him a week to find it.


4 responses to “Constellation

  1. It has to be said Efrim’s vocal style is an aquired taste. A taste i absolutely love, but I know of a lot of people that hate his out of key style. I think it totally compliments the protest nature of his songs though. Attitude and delivery is more important than actually being able to hit the right notes in my opinion

  2. Agreed. I will take passion and soul over technical proficiency every day of the week. Efrim’s plaintive style definitely sits well with SMZ’s major themes – ie the little guy against the might of corporations and governments (much the same thing these days)

    Sometimes, though, singers are just too self-consciously weird. I can’t abide Anthony Hegarty’s vibrato/castrato or whatever you want to call it. The singer with the Dead Science is even worse!

    And it’s always a bonus when a singer gets somewhere within an octave or so of the intended note.

  3. antony hegarty sitting on a vibrator? aurally or visually, not pleasant.

    efrim occasionally wanders into damon albarn territory which is the issue i have with his singing. french kanadian via mockney london via john lydon. where did that come from?

    and vic chesnutt seems to have suffered slightly from constellation singer syndrome as his vocal stylings previously have been pretty straightforward.

    i actually quite like frankie sparo.

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