A Few Forthcoming Releases (Aug 08)

Here’s this month’s list of forthcoming goodies. The autumn rush is nearly upon us already. Looking forward to the Hauschka album especially.

4th August

FUGSDon’t Stop! Don’t Stop! (Box)(Fugs)        


11th August              

HALL / RANALDO / HOOKEROasis of Whispers (Alien8 ) 

HILDE MARIE KJERSEMA Killer For That Ache (Rune Grammofon)                                                                                                    

MINOTAUR SHOCKAmateur Dramatics (4AD)             

VARIOUSComplete Motown Singles Volume 10: 1970 (Hip-o Select)  


18th August

DANIEL PADDEN Pause for the Jet (Dekorder)             

LAIBACHKunst Der Fuge (Dallas)                                

MACHINEFABRIEKDauw (Dekorder)                           

PIVOTO Soundtrack My Heart (Warp)                          

STEREOLABChemical Chords (4AD)                            


25th August

ALIASResurgam (Anticon)                                           

BALLBOYI Worked on the Ships (Pony Proof)             

GASMANSuperlife (Planet Mu)                                     

MAX RICHTER24 Postcard in Full Colour (FatCat)        

NIGHTMARES ON WAXThought So (Warp)                 

THE DEAD SCIENCEVillainaire (Constellation)              

VOLCANO THE BEARAmidst the Noise and Twigs (Beta-Lactam Ring)                                                                                              


1st September

CHEMICAL BROTHERSBrotherhood (Virgin)              

FUJIYA & MYIAGILightbulbs (Full Time Hobby)           

MY BLOODY VALENTINELoveless / Isn’t Anything (Remastered reissues) (Sony)                                                                            

ROOTS MANUVASlime and Reason (Big Dada)           


8TH September

CALEXICOCarried To Dust (Touch & Go)                     

NEW YEARNew Year (Touch & Go)                             

15th September

DAVID GRUBBSAn Optimist Notes The Dusk (Drag City)   

STEINBRÜCHELMit Ohne (12K)                                    

22nd September

HAUSCHKAFerndorf (FatCat)                                      

MOGWAIThe Hawk Is Howling (PIAS)                          

TV ON THE RADIODear Science (4AD)                        

6th October

HAROLD BUDD / CLIVE WRIGHTA Song for Lost Blossoms (Darla)                                                                                                   

JUANA MOLINAUn Dia (Domino)                                  

13th October

WINDY & CARLSongs for the Broken Hearted (Kranky)   

27th October

DEERHUNTERMicrocastle (4AD)                                   


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