UK Music Magazine Circulation Figures

The latest six monthly circulation figures are out. These are for the period January-June 2008.

No publishers are going to be leaping with glee, but Mojo, The Word, Metal Hammer, Classic Rock and Rock Sound’s figures aren’t bad. Q has shed 18,000 readers in 6 months, Uncut 4,000, NME 8,000 (one in eight) and Kerrang! nearly 17,000 (a whopping one in five!)

The Wire and Plan B don’t publish figures through ABC.

Classic Rock 66,632 (67,399)
Kerrang! 60,294 (76,937)
Metal Hammer 48,540 (45,809)
Mixmag 34,073 (35,817)
Mojo 106,367 (106,218 )
NME 56,284 (64,033)
Q 113,174 (131,330)
Rock Sound 22,527 (23,021)
Terrorizer no figures (14,952)
The Fly 105,212 (103,051)
Uncut 86,925 (91,028 )
Word 33,775 (33,217)


6 responses to “UK Music Magazine Circulation Figures

  1. I can’t help but laugh at NME, they’ve brought it on themselves. The figures for Q show that there’s still a market for coffee table music. I used to buy Kerrang! as a teen, but lost interest after once I turned 21.

    The two mags I do buy seem to be thriving within their means, both Classic Rock and Rock Sound, which is encouraging news for Rock music

  2. I think the NME and Kerrang figures both reflect the rapid decline in popularity of both meat ‘n’ potatoes indie and identikit emo/metal. Neither genre has done anything but stagnate, endlessly recycling the same sounds and ideas.

    I don’t get Q. It’s heyday was in the late eighties / early nineties – the era of mega-stadium acts like U2, Oasis, Madonna etc etc. It’s as old-fashioned and irrelevant as any of those acts.

    I think the parlous state of the mainstream music industry is reflected in the fact that (on the whole) those mags doing the best are the ones that concentrate on the ‘heritage rock’ field. The appetite for reading about the Beatles, Stones, Hendrix, Clash etc etc never seems to diminish. There’s nothing new that compares.

    I would be interested to see how Wire and Plan B sell, because they seem to be the only magazines that genuinely try to seek out new things and different things, even if both are hamstrung by a cliquey snobbery (Hello David Keenan).

    Editors are already reeling out the tired excuse that it’s the internet what done it. Rather than dismal design, writing and music coverage.

  3. this is bull and i don’t like any of the magazine all publishers of magazines and the information in them the mojority of it is bullshit

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