EP: BABE, TERROR – Babe, Terror EP (self-released 2008)

Babe, Terror is the alter-ego of a 28 year old guy called Claudio who lives in São Paulo, Brazil. His self-titled five track EP is a miasma of weirdness, with blunted loops, muffled vocals, gritty crackle and general wonkiness giving the whole package a slightly queasy, narcotic air. The nine minute “My Olympic Films 1980” has echoes of Faust and Animal Collective as it blunders along; spluttering, but gradually getting under the skin.

“Nasa Goodbye” is pop, albeit pop mugged and chloroformed. The harmonies sound like the Beach Boys drowning, and everything fades into a staccato flangeing. It is utterly bonkers, but at the same time alluring. After a few listens, it really sinks in and leaves a hook in the head – just like a proper pop song. I really like this EP. Like Volcano the Bear, it seems like music from a parallel world where things like pitch and tempo are fluid rather than rigid, and yet at its heart, it’s as pop as Abba.

The Babe, Terror EP is released on September 5th – a limited run of 300 CDs and, of course, downloads too.

Winnie Peg From Winipooh 3:13
My Olympic Films 1980 9:03
Mount Dorothy 6:56
Nasa, Goodbye 6:17
Os Santos 3:37



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