Richard Wright 1943-2008

Just heard the sad news that Rick Wright of the Floyd died today of (unspecified) cancer. Best remembered these days as the quiet one caught between two battling egos, it’s worth remembering that his songwriting contributions were the equal of Waters and Gilmour’s between Barrett’s departure and Dark Side.

Here’s one of his, featuring a rare lead vocal. “Paintbox” from Belgian TV in 1968.


2 responses to “Richard Wright 1943-2008

  1. I’m quite shocked at this actually, all very sad. Told my Dad amd he’s a tad upset. Perhaps Mr Gilmour and Mr Waters may set their differences aside and realise there is more to life than petty arguments. Maybe a tribute concert/tour is in order?

  2. A tribute concert would be a nice idea, although I can’t see it happening. After Waters effectively kicked Wright out of the band during the Wall sessions, it would seem a tad hypocritical for him to start waxing lyrical about what a great bloke he was now.

    Still – stranger things have happened.

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