Album: SOLIPSISM – Reinteprism Remix EP (Envizagae envnet003 2008)

Here’s another excellent freebie. Solipsism is an alter-ego of Scot Craig Murphy whose Alien Genome Project I reviewed back in July. Billed as an EP, the four originals and five remixes that make up Reinteprism actually run to over 50 minutes making it an album in my book.

This is downtempo, home-listening electronica, but with an edge. Lead track “Bastardism”, a collaboration with Kingbastard, is all steam-punk beats and abstract, cosmic synths. The ENV(itre) and Victer Manderline remixes are cooler, mellower affairs, whereas the charmingly named “Raped by a Woman” remix by Psychotronic is an uncomfortable, glitchy treatment.

“Organicism” comes in two versions. The Pleq remix is the stronger, chugging and spluttering along like an eccentric piece of machinery. The naive Casiotone melody of the original is absent, giving a darker, more solemn piece. “Crabs” harks back to peak period Future Sound of London with abstract washes of spacey sound overlaying a complex rhythm. The Salz remix doesn’t really change that much, merely adding a few tweaks and glitches here and there. The final track, “At The Beach”, is a fittingly summery, optimistic piece to finish with. Its deep beats and engaging melody a dreamily lethargic reminder of lazy days of sunshine (if you have a long enough memory to remember those).

This excellent release is available as a free download from the German electronica label Envizagae Records.

1. Bastardism feat. Kingbastard 5:32
2. Bastardism (ENV(itre) remix) 4:09
3. Bastardism (Victer Manderline remix) 6:06
4. Organicism 5:58
5. Organicism (Pleq remix) 4:35
6. Bastardism (raped by a woman mix by Psychotronic) 8:18
7. Crabs 5:06
8. Crabs (remix by Salz) 6:37
9. At the Beach (2007 Remaster) 5:19



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