EP: WEENLIZ – Weenliz EP (Winning Sperm Party WSP010 2008)

Noise can be really annoying. It’s not the volume, or the battered-ear intensity that I object to, but the fact that some practitioners seem to have no other ideas other than to be extremely loud. To the point of utter tedium. Without some kind of structure, even the most extreme white-out cacophany becomes bland. Done well, though, it can be a gleefully cathartic experience.

Weenliz are a trio whose instrumentation screeches damage. Distorted Bass, Toy Sax, Metal Bed Leg, Screwdrivers, Drill, Knife, Detuned Guitar Loops, Sampler, Microphone and Theremin are all used on their first EP. And it’s a right old racket. There are four ‘proper’ tracks interspersed with four 50 second slabs of manic white noise. “Forget Me Knottz” has a ludicrous jackhammer beat pounding beneath sheets of screech. “The Big Bouncy Bear Back Bacon Bee Bop” (what?) introduces Simon Bates’ “Our Tune” theme (remember that?) played on tinny organ, while all manner of hell breaks loose. It gradually settles down into a repeated grumbling riff.

“Fur/Bramble” is the one. The dirtiest, most distorted bass you’re likely to hear grinds out a riff underneath a wailing siren and scummy feedback. It’s punk as fuck. “Chinese Barbie” is relatively restrained, with a slow, three-note bass rhythm and a two chord guitar break rumbling along like Link Wray on ketamine, before everything disintegrates into a mess of static, short-circuits and feedback.

Bet they’re an absolute hoot live. The Weenliz EP is available as a free download for now, and will be given a physical release later in the year.

1. Forget Me Knottz 4:41
2. CUB 0:51
3. The Big Bouncy Bear Back Bacon Bee Bop 7:58
4. BEAR 0:51
5. Fur/Bramble 3:20
6. OTTER 0:51
7. Chinese Barbie 7:00
8. 30 SECONDS 0:51



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