Album: LINDSTRØM – Where You Go I Go Too (Smalltown Supersound STS153CD 2008)

I read a review of Where You Go I Go To somewhere that described the music as Manuel Göttsching’s E2-E4 given a working over by Giorgio Moroder. That isn’t too far off the mark, especially when it comes to the beyond-epic title track. Four square drumbeats, sequencer arpeggios, rubber-band bass lines, all it lacks is Donna Summer’s breathless come-ons. About sixteen minutes in, the beats break down into wooshing synth washes, children’s voices and heavy breathing (no, not that sort). There are teasing false restarts, before it seamlessly hits the groove again on twentyone. Despite running for a minute shy of half an hour, it doesn’t feel overstretched at all.

“Grand Ideas” is a harder-edged techno beast that clops along pleasingly enough for a relatively succinct ten minutes, without tearing up any trees. “The Long Way Home” has shades of Banco De Gaia’s more cosmic epics, but with a relaxed disco beat – both busy and totally chilled at the same time.

Hans-Peter Lindstrøm grins from the cover like someone in a Gap advert. But the smile is appropriate for such uplifting music. This isn’t cutting edge stuff, but it doesn’t pretend to be. The tracks may be lengthy, but there’s nothing self-important, or self-consciously grand about them. They have enough about them to reward careful listening, but seem happy enough winding their way along in the background while you read the paper. I like that lack of attention-seeking. This is fine, cheerful, angst-free music – and we all need that sometimes.

1. Where You Go I Go To 28:58
2. Grand Ideas 10:11
3. The Long Way Home 15:58



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