EP: KWAIDAN – Hoichi / Masaki (Highpoint Lowlife HPPL030 2008)

Kwaidan is a one-off download only project by Mat Ranson, better known as Fisk Industries. There are two tracks, each nearly twelve minutes long, inspired by Masaki Kobayashi’s 1964 portmanteau ghost movie. Both are suitably spooky.

With its dub-drenched melange of mangled voices and two-note spaghetti western guitar line, “Hoichi” (named after the lead character in one of the tales – Hoichi the Earless) has a chilling, brooding presence. “Masaki” has a clipped dubstep rhythm, an insistent, relentless bass pulse that builds and falls and in-your-face oscillator hum, ending with the strangled cries of tormented phantoms. It sounds like some weird collaboration between Burial and Pan Sonic, birthed on a ghost train.

This is an excellent EP – dark and hypnotic. Perfect psychotic music to scare away the trick-or-treaters this Halloween. Find it here, a snip at three quid.

1. Hoichi 11:31
2. Masaki 11:56



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