A Few Forthcoming Releases (November)

This month’s list of things on the horizon. The Fennesz date is a guestimate, by the way. Everything else is official or semi-official.

3rd Nov
BBC RADIOPHONIC WORKSHOP – The Radiophonic Music (Mute)
FUNCKARMA – Vell Vagranz (N5MD)
NORTHERN VALENTINE – The Distance Brings Us Closer (Silber)
SCHOOL OF SEVEN BELLS – Alpinisms (Ghostly International)
ZEROVA – I Think We’ve Lost (Herb)

10th Nov
FLAMING LIPS – Christmas on Mars (Warner)
HELIOS – Caesura (Type)
LARSEN – La Fever Lit (Important)
PETER REHBERG – Work For GV 2004-2008 (Mego)

17th Nov
ARVE HENRIKSEN – Cartography (ECM)
B12 – B12 Archive Series Vol. 1 (B12)
CHRIS ECKMAN – Last Side of the Mountain (Glitterhouse)
PAVEMENT – Brighten the Corners (2CD edition) (Domino)
VARIOUS – The Factory Box Set (Rhino)
VARIOUS – Complete Motown Singles Vol 11A: 1971 (USA) (Hip-o select)

24th Nov
CALDER – Lower (Make Mine Music)
DAVID BYRNE / BRIAN ENO – Everything That Happens Will Happen Today (Todo Mundo)
DISTANCE – Repercussions (Planet Mu)
IBITSU – foolproof betters fools bettering foolproof (Mego)
LIBRARY TAPES – A Summer Beneath the Trees (Make Mine Music)

1st Dec
DAKOTA SUITE – The End of Trying (Karaoke Kalk)
FENNESZ – Black Sea (Touch)
FLIPPER – Sex Bomb Baby (Water)
HEXSTATIC – Hexstatic Presents Videos Remixes and Rarities (Ninja Tune)
MURCOF – the Versailles Sessions (Leaf)

8th Dec
NEIL YOUNG – Sugar Mountain (Live 1968) (Reprise)
VARIOUS – Complete Motown No. 1s (Universal)

15th Dec
B12 – B12 Archive Series Vol. 2 (B12)

19th Jan 2009
JAH WOBBLE – Chinese Dub (30 Hertz)
MENDOZA – Si Me Duermo… Choco (Static Discos)

9th Feb 2009
MOS DEF – The Ecstatic (Downtown)


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