Goodbye Mojo

I’ve been buying it since issue 6, but increasingly have been wondering why I bother. it’s forever churning up the same old ground where it used to look outside of the obvious on occasion. Remember Nick Drake on the cover (before he became the soundtrack to Estate Agent wankers’ dinner parties)? Kraftwerk, Miles, George Clinton, Marvin? Not to mention articles on genuine mavericks like Moondog, Coltrane and others. OK, the obsession with the Beatles and the sixties was tiresome, but even the most over-trodden ground sometimes was given a fresh angle.

Thought things might be on the up last month with Leonard Cohen’s doleful but dapper presence on the cover. But no – just had an e-mail informing me that this month’s is a bumper Oasis special. I mean, for fuck’s sake – they don’t even sell records any more. Who still gives a shit?

So, as the ever-narrowing dividing line between Mojo and Q becomes invisible, I’m off.

Surely there is room for a magazine that is intelligent and can offer a more mainstream alternative to the Wire? There used to be one – it was called Mojo. Sigh – end of rant.


2 responses to “Goodbye Mojo

  1. I read Wire, Rock Sound, Classic Rock, Terrorizer and recently Zero Tolerance. Though its bad news that I have to read 5 seperate magazines to get what I want.

    For Rock Sound, I like their reviews but don’t bother with their interviews which are usually conducted with bands like My Chemical Romance or something to sell issues.

    Wire has a tenedency to disappear up its own backside but I do find it very interesting to read. Classic Rock is good in an unassuming way, exept for their coverage of 80’s Hair Metal. Ditto for Terrorizer and Zero Tolerance which have some things I’m interested in and some things I can’t stand.

    So in short, I’ve been looking for a magazine that caters to my tastes a little better. Hopefully, I’ve found one. Just sunscribed to Rock-A-Rolla

    No Oasis in sight!

  2. I was reading the dependably irreverent, intelligent, belligerent and funny free paper the Stool Pigeon today. They uncovered a leaked e-mail from Mojo sent to record companies enquiring why they spend more at Uncut. The explicit offer to change editorial policy seems to be implicitly saying that if you buys ads with us, we will be nice to your bands.

    There has long been a suspicion that the impartiality of reviews is compromised by the needs of advertisers in the mainstream music press – and this seems to confirm it. Not just reviews, but tailoring content to reflect what advertisers want the readership to read about, rather than what the readership want to read.

    Another reason to refrain from giving them any of my money.

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