EP: BEAK – Hard Nights (Monotonik MTK207 2008)


Beak is a mysterious chap from Denver, Colorado. He’s been releasing stuff for about five years now – usually MP3 EPs. Hard Nights is his latest. It’s a collection of five short tracks that exist somewhere in the netherworld between Squarepusher and the Durutti Column.

Opener “Sea Pen Meets Angler Fish” has a bubbly, bright Casiotone melody with strummed acoustics and all sorts of glitchy stuff going on in the background. With its vocoder, hand clap beats and baritone sax loops, “Limozeen” sounds like a slowed down disco track.

“Cup” is a fragile little acoustic guitar interlude with cardboard box drums. “Forlon’s Dminish” upgrades the beats to a tricky laptop shuffle, but keeps the guitar, picking out a Vini Reilly-ish melody, finally blossoming into a subdued drill ‘n’ bass finale. It’s a lovely piece, the highlight for me. Final track “Red H” is a string bass and guitar melody given the mashed up glitch treatment, that somehow ends up as a psychedelic soul tune.

Beak would be a perfect fit at Planet Mu. For now, he’s releasing his stuff through netlabel Monotonik (address below). I thoroughly recommend Hard Nights. It’s made me curious to find out more.

It can be downloaded for free from the sites listed below

1 Sea Pen Meets Angler Fish 3:22
2 Limozeen 3:39
3 Cup 1:46
4 Forlon’s Dminish 4:58
5 Red H 2:42



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