EP: TIGRICS – Brokenret (Highpoint Lowlife HPLL032 2009)


As from this year, Highpoint Lowlife has announced that it’s eschewing physical releases in favour of digital downloads. While that’s a decision that’s eminently understandable from an economic point of view, I still think that it’s a shame. The virtual vs physical debate is one that has raged on, and will continue to do so. I think everyone knows the arguments on either side by heart by now.

The good news, of course, is that the label hasn’t done a Resonant / Woolworth / UK Economy and disappeared altogether. Indeed, with costs cut back, we are promised more music not less. The first thing to surface in 2009 is an EP by Budapest native Robert Bereznyei aka Tigrics.

Brokenret is a compact affair that contains three tracks and runs a little under a quarter of an hour. It’s an eclectic triptych. Lead track “Snyki” is a strange piece, with a scuttling, insectoid rhythm, that skittles along at a rare old pace, punctuated by almost random three-note analogue clusters. “Boko” has a more recognisably techno rhythm, with quasi-acid runs, and what sound like snippets of modem squeal. It seems to build up steam as it goes along before fading into crackle and fizz, and a distant melodic coda. The trio is completed by the 76 second sweet analogue melody of “Volatile”, a track that’s anything but.

This is a nice little selection that makes its point and leaves without hanging around for any small talk.

1. Snyki 4:58
2. Boko (Katch kanari acid mix) 7:30
3. Volatile 1:16



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