Album: KINGBASTARD – Tied Up to Machines (Herb Recordings HERB011 2009)


Short and sweet, the new mini album by Kingbastard is a sampledelic brew of skewed beats and primary coloured melodies. Most of the tracks have a bounce and zest to them, ranging from the big beats of opener “Boombox” to the Casiotones of “The Captcha”. Brevity is the name of the game – even the eight minute closer is actually two tracks rolled into one.

“4M813N7RK” adds a gentle interlude of delicate drones before “The Secret Life of Machines” leaps in, borne aloft on a clatter of daisywheel printers and other assorted office ephemera. “Say When” starts with a zip of angular beats before it morphs into a Lemon Jelly-ish stew of sampled soft-rock, scratching and acoustic guitar loops. The untitled coda is a delightful Super Mario type melody that just stays the right side of cheesiness.

Tied Up to Machines sounds like it was a lot of fun to make. It’s certainly a record that doesn’t take itself too seriously. It’s frothy and has a spring in its step, but is a long way from being self-consciously wacky. Definitely one worth seeking out – it’ll be out on April 27th.

1 Boombox 4:00
2 F47G4M3R 3:00
3 The Captcha 2:10
4 4M813N7RK 2:15
5 The Secret Life of Machines 4:30
6 1M4GTRGUY 2:05
7 Say When 8:00



3 responses to “Album: KINGBASTARD – Tied Up to Machines (Herb Recordings HERB011 2009)

  1. Thanks for taking the time to review, but ‘Sampledelic’, I don’t use samples!
    I make tracks from scratch, play and sing everything myself.
    The only ‘samples’ in this whole record are the machines in ‘The Secret life Of Machines’ which were completely edited chopped up and resampled.
    Just wanted to clear that up:)

  2. Apologies!

    The song segments do sound like samples, even if they’re not. I was reviewing what I heard without knowing much about the processes involved, so I may have leaped to some wrong conclusions.

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