Album: HOLA ONE – Hygh (XS Records XS57 2009)


Hygh is a mini album / EP download from XS Records in Portugal. Hola One is the alias of a guy called Marek Ogorzalek. This is techno with an experimental bent. Four/four rhythms provide the basic structure around which whirl a host of odd clicks and crackles, machine like snaps and fizzes, and all underpinned by a rumbling, rubber bass. Sometimes this is mashed to distraction, as on the brief beat-anarchy of “Burek Po Torbie”. But throughout the album there is a sense of urgency, of fluid motion.

There are two stand out tracks. “Hygh” itself combines a motorik rhythm with microbeats and ends up sounding like a fantastic lost Underworld track. The epic “Puxx” has a muted metallic rhythm, like a pipe filled with sand, but it drives on relentlessly, surrounded by a blizzard of subterranean drones and awesome bass. “Szigi-Donga” is a bit annoying, to be honest, with backwards vocals and madcap laughter, but it’s the only bum note (and it’s not very long).

Hygh is available for free from XS Records (link below).

1 Angels of Tomorrow 4:04
2 Hygh 5:50
3 Kiko 5:04
4 Burek Po Torbie Remix 0:34
5 Puxx 7:30
6 Szigi-Donga 2:12



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