EP: SPATIAL – Infra002 (Infrasonics 2009)

Infrasonics is a new label whose two releases so far have been by south London dubstepper Spatial. This, his second, features a couple of tracks on ten inch vinyl. “90121” is a minimal dubby cut with a looped female vocal that comes across like a two step remix of an old Omni Trio track. “90113” is rhythmically more complex, with a deliciously heavy sub-bass pulse running through it. Both are excellent.

Purchasers of both the download and the vinyl can access a free bonus track called “81012”. For me, it’s actually the strongest of the three! With a crackly pulsing beat and floorshaking bass, comparisons to Burial are unavoidable. My jaw dropped when the ghostly soprano floated across the track, accompanied by a faint, almost subliminal, metallic drone. It’s chillingly beautiful, like Gorecki goes dub, and one of the finest pieces of music I’ve heard this year.

1 90121 6:15
2 90113 6:00
Free bonus download: 81012 7:26



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