Album: KONSUMPRODUKT – Not Really Weird (Vaatican Records VAAT103 2009)


Vaatican Records is a specialist download label from France which has been active for three years. The latest release is a curious album by Konsumproduckt, otherwise known as Spanish producer Alejandro Remeseiro from Guadalajara. Not Really Weird is an apt title in some respects, but in others the album really is quite weird.

Remeseiro uses speech samples, some little more than one word loops, others more lengthy monologues. These appear to stem from TV and radio broadcasts, field recordings, telephone answering machines, and other sources and are in a variety pf languages – primarily Spanish, but there’s English, Italian and Japanese in the mix as well. In this respect, he’s somewhere between Scanner and Emergency Broadcast Network. But the music is more than just a backdrop. Sometimes the vocal snippets are integral, with the music built around them, but on other tracks, they’re sprinkled thinly, almost unnoticeably. The music itself is an eclectic jumble of styles, from techno to bossanova via acid jazz and house. On occasion, things that don’t really fit are forced together as if he’s merely curious to see what happens.

On the not really weird scale of things there are pieces like “Picanha as a Weapon”, a lovely mellow house tune that’s played pretty straight, and the jazzy bossanova of the title track. On the pretty weird actually side, there’s the mental sample frenzy of “Chompa” which seems to be an experiment to see how many different ideas and melodic fragments Konsumprodukt can cram into four minutes. In between there’s the cut-up micro-samples of “Questo Mondo”, the slightly spooky air traffic control samples of “Gatwick Girl” and the Latin / bleep techno crossover of “Ring Bell Middle West” that I’d imagine would be what LFO would have sounded like if they’d been brought up in the barrios.

Not Really Weird is stuffed full of ideas – it’s both playful and danceable, and never less than engaging. It can be downloaded for free from Vaatican Records.

1 Ilang Ilanga 3:53
2 Chompa (se va de la casa) 3:58
3 Saturday Champion 2:57
4 Gatwick Girl 3:24
5 Fake Jazz For a Sad Pagafantas 2:57
6 Questo Mondo 2:54
7 Picanha as a Weapon 3:22
8 Ring Bell Middle West 2:11
9 Not Really Weird 3:10
10 I Am Here You Are There 7:54



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