Mojo Africa Rising

This month’s Mojo continues in its recent form of being lamentably dull. There is a fairly unrevealing interview with David Sylvian and some nice pics of the recent Kraftwerk show at the Manchester Velodrome, complete with the British Team Pursuit gold medal cyclists. The ageing indie-fan’s favourite retro rockers are on the front. Zzzzz.

However, also stuck to the front is a CD called Africa Rising, a frankly marvellous collection of contemporary African music, with Farka Touré père and fils, Tinariwen, Tony Allen and loads more. It’s full of shit-hot playing, unbelievable rhythms, and doesn’t flag throughout its seventy odd minutes. Toumani Diabate’s “Cantalowes”, with its little the Good, the Bad & the Ugly intro, is one of my highlights, but the whole CD is superb. I’m particularly drawn to the first half which is where some of the hottest guitar action happens. It’s certainly worth the £4.50 that the mag costs these days on its own.


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