Album: WINGS OF AN ANGEL – Ayana (Clinical Archives CA263 2009)


This came winging (sorry) to me a few weeks ago sent by a guy called Felix Kaplan who I assume is something to do with Wings of an Angel. Other than that, I have absolutely no information as to who they are, where they’re from or anything else for that matter.

What I do know is that Ayana is comprised of two lengthy tracks, and from what I can make out uses acoustic guitar, flute, sax, violin, tablas, drums and female voice. Essentially this is a fusion of free jazz and traditional Arab music. It also has many of the strengths and the weaknesses of improvised music. There are passages of real beauty, excitement and unpredictability, but also passages where everyone seems to be essentially fannying about waiting for someone else to set a direction.

My favourite parts include the section about six minutes into the first track where the intricate hand drum patterns burst into a thrilling martial clatter of percussion. The vocals on “Lament for an Abandoned Oasis” are particularly beautiful too. Ayana isn’t about instant gratification. It rewards patience and repeated listens, and is well worth anyone’s time. Best of all it can be downloaded for free.

1 Silhouettes from the Inner Microcosm of a Street Prophet 23:18
2 Lament for an Abandoned Oasis 9:57



2 responses to “Album: WINGS OF AN ANGEL – Ayana (Clinical Archives CA263 2009)

  1. Greetings!

    Thank you very much for the review.

    Just to make things clear – this is a 100% solo project, 100% based on sampling. Oh, and I’m from Israel.

    Best Regards & Deepest Blessings.

    Sincerely & Respectfully,
    Wings of an Angel

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