EP: SLEEPING ME – Lamenter (Phantom Channel PHCH010 2009)


Hot on the heels of Clayton McEvoy’s terrific Cradlesongs on Hidden Shoal comes a five track free download courtesy of Phantom Channel. Again it’s a set of solo pieces by the Riverside, California based guitarist. These, though, are about as far from the John Fahey / Robbie Basho strain of American Primitive as its possible to get.

Lamenter is all about atmosphere, and the title says everything about the prevailing mood. If anything, there is even less that is recognisable as guitar playing than on Cradlesongs. Effects, sustain and drones give the whole EP an almost orchestral feel, with the tender acoustic pluckings on “Bleeding Riverbed” and “Kinski for Halloween” two of the few moments where McEvoy uses conventional guitar sounds. The latter track includes the only element on the EP not produced by his box of tricks – the sampled voice of someone (Herzog?) talking about Klaus Kinski.

This is a beautiful EP of sweeping grandeur, full of a pure, delicious sadness. Go to Phantom Channel and get it for free. They spoil us, those chaps, they really do.

1 Redeemer 6:58
2 Northern Pacific 5:00
3 Bleeding Riverbed 2:45
4 The Magnaminous Security Guard 7:12
5 Kinski For Halloween 5:21



One response to “EP: SLEEPING ME – Lamenter (Phantom Channel PHCH010 2009)

  1. Hi Dez!

    sorry for the late reply here, had a computer crash and lost all my bookmarks, thanks for the review once more. Like the
    Fahey analogy

    more stuff out this week too

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