Album: PASTAKLUBBEN – Asperger (Phantom Channel PHCH011 2009)


Asperger is one long 35 minute work by a quartet of laptop whizzes from Hovedstaden in Denmark called Pastaklubben. Recorded live, it starts out beatless, with dark ambient drones and orchestral flourishes creating a pitch black atmosphere. Each player seems to know instinctively what to add and when, as the sonic claustrophobia sets in like a blanket of dread.

So far so cosmic, but as the track builds, almost inaudible beats star leaking into the mix. Sometimes something recognisable appears, like the pacifying tones of a piano, but there is always the feeling that there is something lurking, threatening to wake.

When the payoff comes, the track lurches into a frenzy of glitched beats that get ever more chaotic and punishing. It’s an incredibly exciting climax as things get faster and louder, finishing with what sounds like techno sped up to about 300bpm. It’s an expertly structured piece that belies its live genesis. Really impressive stuff. It must have been amazing to be there when it was happening.

This is 35 minutes of superb electronic head and body music. What’s more, it’s free from our old friends at Phantom Channel.

1. Asperger 35:36



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