EP: SOLIPSISM – Mentalism EP (Ambidextrous 2009)

mentalism ep

Multi-monikered Craig Murphy returns in his Solipsism guise with a four track EP of fairly bruising, high tempo techno. That’s quite a scary cover – kinda like Richard James’ evil rictus grin crossed with King Crimson’s scarlet-faced screamer and Gentle Giant’s, um, gentle giant.

The Mentalism EP contains four tracks based on pounding bass rhythms that range in tempo from the moderately fast to heart attack pace. The book-ending tracks are particularly fierce. Apart from the beats, the emphasis is on atmosphere rather than melody which is sparse, but not absent. “Pagan” has a slightly mystical air to it while “MK-Ultra” is dark, instense and claustrophobic.

This is good, ear-pummelling stuff – definitely not one for the chill out room

1 HAARP 7:17
2 Pagan 6:06
3 MK-Ultra 6:35
4 Mentalism 5:38



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