Music Timeline

That’s the link for an ongoing project that will eventually see a complete chronological timeline of musical development from prehistory to the present day. There are plenty of others on the web but they generally lack much in the way of detail, or are specific to one topic. This one is intended to break down the (artificial) boundaries between different genres and cover all types of musical culture. There’s a long way to go, and inevitably some areas are going to be covered much better than others, but I hope that it will eventually be a useful, comprehensive and reliable information source.

I started it something like two years ago, primarily as a database for my own use. Since May I’ve been gradually building it up as a website – the link’s been there on the left. I didn’t want to publicise it too much because there wasn’t a lot there. It’s still very much a work in progress – the last 45 years are conspicuous by their absence – but gradually the gaps are getting filled in.

Have a look – any feedback, help or corrections will be appreciated.


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