Album: INVERZ – Slow (Phantom Channel 2009)

Slow consists of four treated guitar works by Greek musician Sawas Metaxas. The pace is glacially slow, and the mood reflective. “Home End” is stripped of almost all adornment, leaving the basic plucking of guitar and bass accompanied by the fizz and whine of radio static. Nothing else on the album is that barren, though. Ambient washes of sound bring a lushness to second track “Everything In Order” and the title track mashes up some gentle acoustic playing and rinses it through with loops of static pops and clicks, almost like a Basic Channel mix of John Fahey.

Saving the best to last, “New Found Lands” mixes cello drone, feedback hum and glassy ambience to create a long meditative piece of considerable depth. As with most Phantom Channel releases, Slow is a free download, and as with most is highly recommended.

1 Home End 12:56
2 Everything In Order 6:56
3 Slow 5:04
4 New Found Lands, New Found Sounds 14:52



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