Album – BLEEDING HEART NARRATIVE – Lung Mangled Bear (Tartatuga 2009)

Just a quickie to let you know about Tartaruga’s Christmas Pressie for all you lucky people. Lung Mangled Bear is a sixteen track, 80 minute remix collection of tracks from Bleeding Heart Narrative’s superb Tongue Tangled Hair album from earlier this year.

Some of the remixes are more like complete reconstructions. All are well worth hearing. The Talkingmakesnosense mix of “David Foster Wallace” stretches the original to three times its length, burying the vocal line in blankets of drone until it’s barely audible. Elsewhere tracks are stripped down to virtually a single component, or taken into weird new directions (drill ‘n’ bass, thudding beats, even neo-prog). It’s definitely worth your time, as is its parent album. You can download it for nowt at

01 A Dialogue (Brassica’s Dark Side of the Live Aid remix)
02 All Your Words (Brometer remix)
03 Tongue Tangled Hair (The Exploits of Elaine remix)
04 David Foster Wallace (Talkingmakesnosense remix)
05 Turn Colours Turn (Max Bondi remix)
06 Tilted The Wall (Ala Muerte remix)
07 A Dialogue (Okkam remix)
08 Port and Cigars (Ladyscraper remix)
09 Protect Short Samples – Feeding Art Larynx With (DJ Topgear remix)
10 Henry Box Brown (Throwing Stones remix)
11 Fuchsia (Keyboard Choir remix)
12 The Cartographer (Destructo Swarmbots remix)
13 The Vast Museum of Insignificant Things (Euhedral remix)
14 A Your W (JRS Nocturne remix)
15 Hedlitez (Blinddate remix)
16 At The End of It All (DJ Floorclearer remix)


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